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Let's get your child started with Wing Chun Kung Fu!

Sydenham Wing Chun is a children's branch of WCK UK Organisation which is one of the leading Wing Chun Kung Fu Organisations and is known for high-quality Martial Arts training for adults and children.

Our Wing Chun martial arts classes are suitable children of all 7 years old up to 11.

Here are just 8 Reasons why you should visit one of our classes, and what we'll teach your child.

  • How to stand up to bullies in school.
  • Why self-discipline is important to develop early on in life.
  • Improved focus and concentration which will help in school.
  • Always be respectful to parents and others around you.
  • How to defend yourself while learning self-control.
  • Improved fitness, and wellbeing.
  • We'll help build your child's confidence
  • All kids gradings are 100% free!

Let's get started by jumping to our Membership Page to book your FREE trial classes!

I hope to meet you very soon,

Sifu Daniel Marchant
WCKUK Sydenham

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